weekly allergy-friendly meal plan

our family command center for allergy-friendly weekly meal plan

weekly allergy-friendly meal plan

We’re back from vacation number two and preparing to return to work. I was totally unplugged from my day job but spent lots of time trying to get ahead on ollergy posts (didn’t happen… sorry everyone!) and prepare for the start of preschool. My husband helped with all this and was unfortunately not able to be very unplugged from the day job. It was still a lovely break for us! We made sure this work was only done at night, so we could be totally focused on family during the day.

This week I’m trying to bring lots of vegetables into our meals. We all eat tons of fruit, but are lacking in the veggie department. I made these muffins but with extra spinach and half honey and half applesauce to lower the sugar. Ollie thinks it is SO cool that they are green and gobbled one down with chocolate banana “ice cream” for dessert last night. The ice cream is just frozen banana, cocoa powder, and a bit of vanilla blended together.


ground turkey burgers and Cascadian Farms tater tots

We drove back from Cape Cod on Saturday and needed something simple and easy. We had ground turkey in the freezer as we didn’t eat them last week whenever I told you we were going to… 


roasted sweet potatoes & peppers with blackened, cajun chicken

allergy-friendly meal plan favorite: spice rubbed chicken

This is one of my all-time favorite meals. We don’t use the feta now but it is so flavorful and delicious I don’t even miss it.


spicy green mexican quinoa bowls

The base of these bowls is this recipe from Simply Quinoa. Spinach is snuck into the cooking – another hidden veggie win! We add kidney beans, pico, avocado, peppers, and shredded So Delicious Mozerella


pulled BBQ chicken pizza

This doesn’t sound healthy, but it uses a vegan cheese sauce that has carrots and potatoes as the base, so that gives it some points. This cheese will top Costco pizza kits (we will save the red sauce packets for pasta) with shredded BBQ chicken (chicken and BBQ sauce in the crock pot), sauteed red onions, and fresh scallions. The chicken and BBQ sauce are another repeat that we didn’t end up using before vacation. 


Leftover dinner in the Planetbox for Ollie and salads for us.

Wednesdays are currently soccer night. We always bring dinner for Ollie to eat on the way and after. This week, we’re making another attempt at a nice dinner for the adults to eat after Ollie goes to bed. I’ve been searching for ways to feel a bit more connected to Erik amidst the craziness that is this season of life and we’re hoping a night dinner just the two of us is a fun way to do so every once in a while. Date nights out are great but require so much planning and can be hard on the budget. We failed at this last week for various reasons, here’s hoping it works out this week!

No recipe for this. It’ll be a spring mix base with cooked chicken, maple balsamic dressing, strawberries, avocado, cucumber, and any other veggies we decide to add. 


balsamic glazed chicken and brussel sprouts

No recipe to share here. Put chicken breast and brussel sprouts on a baking sheet with some oil, salt, and pepper and cook. Add balsamic glaze at the very end and enjoy. The only way we can stomach sprouts is if they are cut quite small so they get crispy. Baby steps towards more vegetables!


Dinner OUT for everyone!

It’s our fifth wedding anniversary. Erik and I are headed to Stowe for the night and Ollie is having a sleepover with his cousins at my parent’s house. It’s one of the few places I feel comfortable not preparing his meal. 

There you have it! That’s our allergy-friendly meal plan for the week. Let me know if you have any questions!

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