books are a great option for an allergy-friendly advent calendar

Thanksgiving is behind us and now we can move onto Christmas. I really think it is the most wonderful time of the year! I love walking around our downtown, sipping hot chocolate, and checking out all the cute little shops. This year feels extra special as Ollie LOVES Christmas. The little man has been asking for an “Ollie-sized” Christmas tree for months already. Our house is sure to be a Winter Wonderland. For me, a part of that includes an allergy-friendly advent calendar. I can still picture the advent calendar I had as a child. It was a big Santa that had numbered pockets on

One thing that I value with this blog is always being honest and authentic. I don’t want to paint the picture of a perfectly organized life in which we eat healthy, organic, painstakingly made meals every night. Organization helps me stay sane, so you may see more of that than some have, but it is still so far from perfect. If you’ve read any recipes, you know I’m all about efficiency when it comes to meal prep. What I’m telling you now is that the $100 grocery challenge just isn’t working for us. It was a really nice idea. One of those that you’d surely

epipens are used to stop an anaphylaxis

Today I’m here to talk to you about what a reaction looks like. This is a post I’ve debated writing for a long time. It’s really personal and it’s really hard to relive. I’ve also feared being judged for writing about it. What ultimately has me here is that I know that so many other stories and messages helped us make the right decision and ultimately saved Ollie’s life. Messaging about epinephrine use and reaction response from organizations like FARE, Red Sneakers for Oakley, End Allergies Together, and Elijah’s Echo (just to name a few) are forever engrained in my mind and surely helped us. If

hidden veggie sauce cooking on the stove

I’m here to share one of the most amazing sauces ever. This hidden veggie sauce is my favorite. It packs in tons of nutrients, is filling, easy, and makes your house smell amazing. I also love how versatile it is. We of course put this hidden veggie sauce on pasta but it’s also been a pretzel dip and the base for tortilla bites (recipe coming soon). I will say, the post blender veggies aren’t the most attractive in the world, but man does it make it easy. No need to spend an hour finely chopping veggies. Just add everything to the blender and voila. You

Ollie makes tortilla bites during week 3

I know the week is well underway, but I’m finally getting you this week’s meal plan and giving an update on the $100 grocery challenge. We didn’t quite make it this week; our total was $162.56. FAIL. After traveling for work, there were two days that I had to grab lunch for myself from the grocery store salad bar and of course, I grabbed extras each time. Our town market had local pork on sale. I just couldn’t resist a delicious, local pork butt for pulled pork. Even on sale, a large cut of meat set us back almost $10. As we’re having it at the