current cause – food allergy awareness week

ollergy's current cause is fundraising for FARE's food allergy heroes walk

current cause – food allergy awareness week

As mentioned in the footer, a portion of all proceeds from this blog go towards food allergy related causes. The causes will be a variety of things: donations to FARE or Team Ollergy for FARE’s Food Allergy Heroes Walk in Boston, donations of allergy-friendly food to local food shelves, and advocacy and awareness work, especially during Food Allergy Awareness Week. And proceeds, you ask? Have you noticed statements like this on other websites?

This site uses affiliate links at no extra cost to you to offset the costs of running this blog”

Well, that’s what we are doing as well. Ollergy uses affiliate links at no cost to you in order to help cover the costs associated with the blog and support some awesome causes along the way. I hope to someday bring in ad revenue to allow for more support, but for now, it is just a limited number of affiliate links. My initial promise to you still stands. I won’t share something unless I’ve used it myself and loved it, affiliate link or not.

what’s first? food allergy awareness week

food allergy awareness week 20th anniversary logo

Now that we have that covered, onto the first cause! Food Allergy Awareness Week (FAAW) is May 13th to 19th. I’m currently purchasing children’s books focused on food allergy awareness to donate to local libraries and schools. The hope is that many will do a food allergy related story time during FAAW to educate non-food allergy children on the topic, but that’s not a requirement. I’m just focusing on getting these books into as many places as possible so they are there for families to check out and learn from any time. Consider donating a book to your child’s class or your favorite local library! Better yet, reach out to a teacher or librarian to see if you can read a food allergy book during Food Allergy Awareness Week. Need an idea? Ollie’s absolute favorite is Mango’s for Max.

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