don’t go nuts soybean spread

best peanut butter alternative: don't go nuts soybean spread

This soy butter is phenomenal (in all flavors, but my go-to is the Slightly Sweet). I ate an English muffin with peanut butter every morning for most of my life. This is the only substitute I’ve found that I 100% enjoy just as much. It’s also organic and non-GMO, which is incredibly important if you’re going to consume soy.

It’s important to note these do share lines with dairy. Don’t Go Nuts is a part of Snack Safely’s Allergence program and they shared the following statement with me:

“While our soy spreads are made on a separate line from our bar line, they do share some equipment, such as mixing containers. We use Good Manufacturing Practices with thorough cleaning and inspections between each product. However, our Field to Fingers Process only applies to peanuts, tree nuts and gluten—not to dairy.”

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