ollergy’s current cause: the teal pumpkin project

ollergy's current cause is fundraising for FARE's food allergy heroes walk

ollergy’s current cause: the teal pumpkin project

Well, the Food Allergy Heroes Walk is behind us. Things didn’t quite go as planned. We spent the weekend helping Erik recover from an emergency appendectomy and weren’t able to travel to Boston. Thankfully, we have absolutely amazing friends and family. We had people here helping with Ollie and a few mobilizing in Boston to represent Team Ollergy.

food allergy heroes walk

family and friends supporting team ollergy at the food allergy heroes walk for our current cause

We ended up raising $3,365. HOW FREAKING AMAZING IS THAT?! I owe a huge thank you to the friends, family, and followers who donated, shared, and supported this in so many ways. We were the top fundraising team at the event! We had a small team participating in Boston and a Vermont “satellite” team participating from back home. I could not be more proud of all the money we raised for Food Allergy Research and Education. Thank you all so much!

family supporting the food allergy heroes walk at home

What all of this means is it’s time to update the current cause

new current cause!

Fall is fast approaching. The current weather may not make it seem that way, but Halloween will soon be here. That said, the current cause of ollergy is now the Teal Pumpkin Project. Have you heard of it? Don’t worry, I’ll be telling you all about it in the coming weeks!

teal pumpkin project

In terms of how it’ll be the current cause, my mission is to spread the message of the Teal Pumpkin Project as far and wide as I can. I’m hoping to work with other local food allergy moms as well. Last year, my mom and sister-in-law tabled at one event (this was pre-ollergy!). This year, I’m hoping a lot of local events will incorporate the Teal Pumpkin Project. It really is SO easy. FARE has free downloads and tons of information online. We love attending Halloween events in our area. It would be so cool to attend those events and have Ollie and all the other children with food allergies in our area enjoy non-food treats. I’d love to see some teal everywhere this Halloween!

I’m also hoping to teach individuals how they can support the event on Halloween night. I’m hoping some local media might be willing to run a story on the Teal Pumpkin Project. Know someone? Let me know!

The focus of this current cause is really awareness and support. We’re taking a little break from the fundraising (you all deserve it) but I have no doubt this mission will be just as successful as the last!




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