current cause: food allergy heroes walk

ollergy's current cause is fundraising for FARE's food allergy heroes walk

current cause: food allergy heroes walk

Well, now that Food Allergy Awareness Week is officially behind us, it’s time to update the current cause. If you remember when I announced ollergy over two months ago, the goal was to support food allergy related causes and organizations. From now to September, all fundraising efforts will be focused on team ollergy’s participation in FARE’s Food Allergy Heroes Walk. You’ve likely seen some mention of this already with events and pin sales that took place. Side note – we still have A LOT of pins left. If you’d like one, let me know! Happy to send a teal ribbon pin anyone who makes a minimum donation of $5 to our team to support Food Allergy Research and Education through the Food Allergy Heroes Walk.

mom and toddler make pins to support FARE's food allergy heroes walk

We’re walking in Boston on September 8th as a way to celebrate all the food allergy heroes in our life and that city. Boston is home to Ollie’s team of allergists, who have helped us through two failed food challenges, countless skin and blood tests, and so many questions. I’d love to have a Hometown Heroes Food Allergy Walk in our own state someday, but I want to experience a FARE sponsored Food Allergy Heroes Walk first.

FARE is an incredible resource. We use their educational materials all the time and you’ll find many references to them throughout ollergy. I’m hoping to set up an online auction, Usborne Books & More party, and an event at a cinema for those who are local. All to support FARE’s Food Allergy Heroes Walk. I will be honest that the affiliate link portion of ollergy is not yet providing much support in terms of fundraising. If you have any ideas for events, I’d love to hear them! Our goal is to have one event each month between now and September. Don’t want to drive anyone too crazy… Be on the lookout for more details soon!

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