Kyle Dine banner

Kyle Dine, aka The Allergy Guy, is coming to Vermont for the first time ever! I am SO excited! Every year, he travels the world to speak and perform at allergy shows and schools. I am thrilled to have this world-renowned performer coming to our state. As a parent of a child with food allergies, this event and the impact it will have on our community is huge. It is a way to teach children how to keep their peers with food allergies safe and included. Not only could it save a life, it will go a long way towards combatting the anxiety and isolation

We created a food allergy binder to keep Ollie safe at school

I’ve created a food allergy binder for Ollie’s school. We have an amazing team behind us. After a rough start to the preschool journey, I’m thankful we are where we are. It certainly hasn’t been an easy process but I feel as confident as I can with things starting next week. I’m hoping this food allergy binder makes it easier for everyone involved. Also, when I get stressed, I organize. This might be the most organized binder you’ve ever seen. We also have our own copy of the food allergy binder at home. It is really nice to have one place to go for all