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parents who need a break spend a night in this room at the Stoweflake

Disclaimer: I worked with The Stoweflake to bring you this post, however, all opinions are my own! I’m finally sitting down to write this post, coming off one of the craziest weeks in our life. Erik recently had an emergency surgery and hospital stay. He is home now and recovering well, but the craziness of the last few days was not lost on any of us, Ollie especially. He had an understandably hard time with everything. Like the rest of us, he needed a break. you need a break Food allergy parents for sure need a break from time to time. They probably need a

a pile of items needed for summer vacation with food allergies

Please note: this post contains affiliate links. I’m writing this post having just finished our second week-long summer vacation. Ever since Ollie was born, most of our vacations include doctor appointments in Boston (or weddings). This year, we traveled for two full weeks of the summer! We were at Boston Children’s Hospital during the Cape Cod trip, but it’s only skin testing, I’ll take it. This post is aimed at helping you navigate a summer vacation with food allergies, specifically one where your destination is driving distance. before For us, when going somewhere for a week, I know we need a place with a kitchen.

our family command center for allergy-friendly weekly meal plan

We’re back from vacation number two and preparing to return to work. I was totally unplugged from my day job but spent lots of time trying to get ahead on ollergy posts (didn’t happen… sorry everyone!) and prepare for the start of preschool. My husband helped with all this and was unfortunately not able to be very unplugged from the day job. It was still a lovely break for us! We made sure this work was only done at night, so we could be totally focused on family during the day. This week I’m trying to bring lots of vegetables into our meals. We all eat

Amazing products from Show Your Teal

Ollergy is almost five months old! I can tell you it has been A LOT more work than I expected (it’s good I don’t need much sleep to function) but so much fun. One of the most rewarding parts has been connecting with other food allergy families, like Thomas and Karen of Show Your Teal. Thomas and Karen started Show Your Teal because of their two sons with food allergies. Here’s a bit from them: “Our goal is to provide products to families that help them live better and easier with food allergies. We have built a set of unified products that help in three

food from allergy-friendly grocery shopping at Healthy Living

Disclaimer: I partnered with Healthy Living to bring you this information. However, all opinions are my own. A huge thank you to Healthy Living for supporting food allergy families like my own through this, the products they carry every day, and their involvement in Food Allergy Awareness Week this year! All prices mentioned are at the time of this posting and subject to change. We shop at Healthy Living every week. It’s part of our core, four store repertoire. Until recently, it was known as “the little cart store,” thanks to their kid-sized, basket-holding carts. Ollie’s graduated to calling it Healthy Living and a small