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spinach muffins are an easy and healthy snack

I’m always looking for ways to get more vegetables in all of our diets. As an infant, Ollie LOVED veggies. His favorite food was “squishy carrots.” We’ve never stopped offering veggies, but he’s becoming less of a fan. One thing he’s a sure-fire fan of? Muffins. That’s where these spinach muffins come into play. These spinach muffins go by a variety of names too: hulk muffins, green monster muffins, green machine muffins. For us, that doesn’t actually make a difference. Ollie LOVES these, no fun name needed. If your child needs a little more convincing to try spinach muffins, get as creative as you need

vegan mac and cheese with butternut squash and sweet potato

Our house is free of all of Ollie’s allergens. For the most part, I don’t even notice this anymore. After two years of nursing with no dairy, I didn’t have much of it in my diet anyways. The one thing I know I miss? CHEESE. We live in Vermont. Cabot cheddar is a part of life here. This vegan mac and cheese recipe combines the best of many recipes we’ve tried over the years to create a healthy, savory, indulgent mac and cheese that actually doesn’t have a drop of real cheese (or any other dairy for that fact). It’s a healthy and delicious favorite