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maple mustard sheet pan dinner is a part of this week's meal plan

I’m back here sharing our meal plan after a week-long hiatus. Thanksgiving week just got TOO CRAZY. We kind of had a meal plan, but it didn’t always work out. What that means is that I think we took 20 trips to the store in one week. I’m hoping we can avoid that this week… saturday taco salad This is a signature dish from one of my aunt’s. Her version uses ground beef, Doritos, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, onions, and Catalina dressing. Our allergy-friendly version subs Xochitl tortilla chips for the Doritos and Organicville French dressing for the Catalina. I’m working on adding an ollergy recipe for our allergy-friendly version.

One thing that I value with this blog is always being honest and authentic. I don’t want to paint the picture of a perfectly organized life in which we eat healthy, organic, painstakingly made meals every night. Organization helps me stay sane, so you may see more of that than some have, but it is still so far from perfect. If you’ve read any recipes, you know I’m all about efficiency when it comes to meal prep. What I’m telling you now is that the $100 grocery challenge just isn’t working for us. It was a really nice idea. One of those that you’d surely

Ollie makes tortilla bites during week 3

I know the week is well underway, but I’m finally getting you this week’s meal plan and giving an update on the $100 grocery challenge. We didn’t quite make it this week; our total was $162.56. FAIL. After traveling for work, there were two days that I had to grab lunch for myself from the grocery store salad bar and of course, I grabbed extras each time. Our town market had local pork on sale. I just couldn’t resist a delicious, local pork butt for pulled pork. Even on sale, a large cut of meat set us back almost $10. As we’re having it at the

planning for our weekly grocery budget

We’re on week two of our $100 grocery challenge. I’m trying to get our grocery budget to a more reasonable amount. This isn’t easy to do when buying mainly organic with allergy-friendly specialty products mixed in. I touched on this during week 1, but getting our grocery budget more under control takes a serious commitment to planning. My command center on its own simply isn’t enough. I’ve started writing everything out in a notebook with approximate prices next to each item. Adding the prices helps me see how far off I am and lets me know what, if any extras I can add in. This

Ollie helps meal plan to save for our $100 grocery challenge

Please note: this post contains affiliate links. This is a combo post for you. It’s our meal plan and details on our first $100 grocery challenge. In an effort to get our budget back on track, I’m attempting to only spend $1oo per week on groceries. For some, this may be really easy, but I know our usual spending is far above that. We eat mainly organic produce (I follow the EWG list in order to decide what we buy conventional) and aim to buy all organic meat. If you follow along on Instagram, you can see exactly what we buy via our stories. Let