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symptoms of an allergic reaction

Please note: this post contains affiliate links. An initial food allergy diagnosis or reaction is incredibly overwhelming. In many ways, we knew it was coming with Ollie but I still remember leaving the allergist feeling deflated and terrified. I was sad and angry. How on earth were we going to keep him safe? What had he done to deserve this? I went through it all. When I was finally able to get myself off from the emotional rollercoaster, I got to work. I’m a list-maker. I made list after list of anything and everything food allergy: websites to check out, things to do, things not

toddler cooking with food allergies

Please note: this post contains affiliate links. I know age 2 might seem early, but we’re trying to teach our toddler as much as we possibly can about cooking. Here’s the thing, I’d like to think he’s going to be food allergy-free someday, but that’s likely not going to be the case. So far, results from skin prick testing have indicated increased wheal/flare reactions, he’s failed every baked food challenge we’ve tried, and his list of food allergies keep growing. Almost all safe foods require preparation, so cooking will, by necessity, be a large part of his life. We’ve decided to start cooking with our toddler

Best Food Allergy Kid's Books: Wall of kids books in a reading fort

Please note: this post contains affiliate links. Reading is a huge part of any child’s life. The list below highlights some of the best food allergy books we own, including my favorite food allergy specific books, as well as others every family should have. To be honest, we don’t actually have that many food allergy books, especially in comparison to the number of books we own in general. This is somewhat purposeful. It is important to have a few books that talk about food allergies, but I don’t want those themed books to take over our reading. Food allergies are a part of everyday life.

reading labels is the only way to know where you'll find allergen surprises

Please note: this post contains affiliate links. Many have asked how to navigate family gatherings with food allergies. My answer? It depends. Here are a number of tips on how I’ve navigated this topic thus far. My conversations with family and comfort level at holidays vary. Either way, my overall approach is the same. It is all about being upfront and fair with your expectations. First, remember that no one owes you anything. It is your responsibility to educate family members about food allergies and what your child needs to be safe. It is the responsibility of your family to in turn respect the safety

Ollie shops with us and helps us with saving money with food allergies

Please note: this post contains affiliate links. Shopping with food allergies is expensive. This was a really hard fact for me, the deal-shopping addict, to accept. Over the past two and a half years, I’ve learned how to balance a budget and allergic eating. This is by no means a $50/week plan. I do not believe that is possible with food allergies and a focus on organic, non-GMO ingredients. This is simply how I stretch our food budget as much as possible so we always have safe, delicious, and healthy products for our family. Let me help you start saving money with food allergies! my