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We created a food allergy binder to keep Ollie safe at school

I’ve created a food allergy binder for Ollie’s school. We have an amazing team behind us. After a rough start to the preschool journey, I’m thankful we are where we are. It certainly hasn’t been an easy process but I feel as confident as I can with things starting next week. I’m hoping this food allergy binder makes it easier for everyone involved. Also, when I get stressed, I organize. This might be the most organized binder you’ve ever seen. We also have our own copy of the food allergy binder at home. It is really nice to have one place to go for all

mom helping a toddler learning to bike on a woom bike

For my son’s third birthday, woom gifted us a bike. I could not have been more excited! We already knew and loved this company thanks to my niece having one of their bikes. I was honestly shocked when little old me reached out and they said they’d be sending Ollie a bike. I legitimately think I did a happy dance in my cube at work. This was going to be Ollie’s birthday gift either way, along with balloons and granola balls, as those were his only birthday requests. I tell you this in full disclosure because yes, they did give us this bike, but we

a pile of items needed for summer vacation with food allergies

Please note: this post contains affiliate links. I’m writing this post having just finished our second week-long summer vacation. Ever since Ollie was born, most of our vacations include doctor appointments in Boston (or weddings). This year, we traveled for two full weeks of the summer! We were at Boston Children’s Hospital during the Cape Cod trip, but it’s only skin testing, I’ll take it. This post is aimed at helping you navigate a summer vacation with food allergies, specifically one where your destination is driving distance. before For us, when going somewhere for a week, I know we need a place with a kitchen.

Amazing products from Show Your Teal

Ollergy is almost five months old! I can tell you it has been A LOT more work than I expected (it’s good I don’t need much sleep to function) but so much fun. One of the most rewarding parts has been connecting with other food allergy families, like Thomas and Karen of Show Your Teal. Thomas and Karen started Show Your Teal because of their two sons with food allergies. Here’s a bit from them: “Our goal is to provide products to families that help them live better and easier with food allergies. We have built a set of unified products that help in three

symptoms of an allergic reaction

I thought it might be helpful for you if I shared how our family handles checking on ingredients and cross-contamination risk. To be honest, I’ve been hesitant to write about this for fear of being judged. We do use some items that have a shared facility warning. We also know that the warning isn’t a requirement. Labeling laws in the United States are a post (correction, giant rant) for a different day. I don’t email about every single product Ollie eats. We have discussed this with Ollie’s doctor and have a plan that works for our family. That’s all I urge you to do. With