toddler paints a teal pumpkin for their eco-friendly teal pumpkin project celebration

A fellow food allergy mom recently shared my Teal Pumpkin Project post on her Front Porch Forum. First, amazing! Second, one of the responses really got me thinking. This kind-hearted person replied back in support but with her own spin, an eco-friendly Teal Pumpkin Project. She spoke of all the plastic and waste that is involved in Halloween in general and challenged people to find ways to combat this while supporting the Teal Pumpkin Project. She shared a very creative list of her own. The unfortunate truth of being a parent in today’s world, food allergies or not, is that you may not be the most

Ollie (with a teal pumpkin bucket on his head) is excited about all the allergy-aware Vermont events happening this year!

October is here and with it comes a flurry of Halloween events. These celebrations can be a lot of fun, but also really difficult for families with food allergies. We try to make Ollie’s life as normal as possible, but there are surely big celebrations we’ve passed on attending as we weren’t sure how it would work with his allergies. This year, I reached out to as many events as I could to introduce the idea of the Teal Pumpkin Project and see if they’d be willing to incorporate it into their event. Below is a list of allergy-aware Vermont events happening this month! essex

All of the goodies we are using to make Halloween with food allergies safe and fun

Please note: this post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting this blog and the current cause! As the holiday approaches, I’m here to share how our family handles Halloween with food allergies. There truly are one million ways to do this. Some families use the switch witch to magically trade out candy overnight. Some skip the trick-or-treating altogether and have their own celebration. we trick-or-treat For us, we learned last year that Ollie really likes trick-or-treating. He surprised us by toddling up and down a full street of my parent’s neighborhood at only two years old. We hovered over him at each house, supervising the

teal pumpkin project aims to provide non-food treats for halloween

Please note: this post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting this blog and the current cause! Have you heard of the teal pumpkin project? Have you seen teal pumpkins when out and about and wondered what was going on? I’m here to tell you what it is and how easy it is for you to participate! teal pumpkin project The teal pumpkin project is all about raising food allergy awareness and making Halloween more inclusive. It offers an alternative treat for children who can’t have candy. It honestly goes beyond food allergies to include children who might not be allowed to have candy for non-allergy reasons.

A baby excited to celebrate Easter with food allergies

Please note: this post contains affiliate links. Easter is my favorite holiday. As a child, I woke up earlier for Easter than I did for Christmas. I’m pretty sure the driving force was that my parents hid money in some of my eggs. I was an obsessive saver from a very young age. We then spent the afternoon with my entire family (remember, my mom is one of nine kids), running around a giant church hall. I’m determined to make Ollie just as excited for Easter, with food allergies. what’s in the basket? We’re trying to rid our house of clutter, so I’ve opted for