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ollergy's current cause is fundraising for FARE's food allergy heroes walk

Well, now that Food Allergy Awareness Week is officially behind us, it’s time to update the current cause. If you remember when I announced ollergy over two months ago, the goal was to support food allergy related causes and organizations. From now to September, all fundraising efforts will be focused on team ollergy’s participation in FARE’s Food Allergy Heroes Walk. You’ve likely seen some mention of this already with events and pin sales that took place. Side note – we still have A LOT of pins left. If you’d like one, let me know! Happy to send a teal ribbon pin anyone who makes a

Food Allergy Awareness Week 2018 is May 13th to 19th

May is a pretty special time for food allergy parents. As a whole, May is National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month. Food allergies get their own week as well. Food Allergy Awareness Week starts on May 13th! I’ve been hard at work lining up events to spread awareness. Here’s a list of what’s happening in my home state: government I used this link to request a proclamation for Food Allergy Awareness Week. Governor Phil Scott’s office sent us our own signed, official copy of the State of Vermont proclamation for Food Allergy Awareness Week (insert insane happy dance here!!!). Official proclamations signify a commitment from government and

ollergy's current cause is fundraising for FARE's food allergy heroes walk

As mentioned in the footer, a portion of all proceeds from this blog go towards food allergy related causes. The causes will be a variety of things: donations to FARE or Team Ollergy for FARE’s Food Allergy Heroes Walk in Boston, donations of allergy-friendly food to local food shelves, and advocacy and awareness work, especially during Food Allergy Awareness Week. And proceeds, you ask? Have you noticed statements like this on other websites? “This site uses affiliate links at no extra cost to you to offset the costs of running this blog” Well, that’s what we are doing as well. Ollergy uses affiliate links at