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Kyle Dine, aka The Allergy Guy, is coming to Vermont for the first time ever! I am SO excited! Every year, he travels the world to speak and perform at allergy shows and schools. I am thrilled to have this world-renowned performer coming to our state. As a parent of a child with food allergies, this event and the impact it will have on our community is huge. It is a way to teach children how to keep their peers with food allergies safe and included. Not only could it save a life, it will go a long way towards combatting the anxiety and isolation

crockpot bone broth in a mason jar

It doesn’t really feel right to call this crockpot bone broth a recipe. It’s super easy and flexible. I’m going to call it simple instructions. Up until Ollie was born, I had never made my own broth. NEVER. On the rare occasion we made soup, we bought a carton of broth at the store. Then Ollie came along and we learned about how allergens hide in everything. Literally EVERYTHING. I still remember how many cartons we looked at in the store one day that had sunflower oil in them. Why?! why you should make your own crockpot bone broth I’d like to say it was

mason jars of allergy-friendly granola

When the list of allergies you’re trying to avoid includes eggs, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, sunflower, sesame, and most legumes, breakfast is a complicated meal. We like to start the day with protein and nutrients, but this makes quick, kid-approved options slightly limited. Most cereals are pretty sugar filled and have cross-contamination risk. We’ve actually never found a store-bought granola that is safe for Ollie. After making this allergy-friendly granola, that’s honestly OK with me. We make this allergy-friendly granola at least twice a month. The recipe below makes 4 large mason jars worth. We eat it many different ways: with coconut hemp milk, on

food allergy gift ideas for kids

I’m here to share some food allergy gift ideas for kids. Let me start by saying, these gifts have nothing to do with food allergies. These items will work for just about any kid. For one reason or another, I’ve found the following items helpful to our life as it relates to food allergies. I’m here to tell you about that. I don’t want you to think Christmas should be about food allergies. It should be the complete opposite. I want Ollie to feel like every other child and be reminded of his allergies as little as possible. I’m also always a practical gift giver.

maple mustard sheet pan dinner is a part of this week's meal plan

I’m back here sharing our meal plan after a week-long hiatus. Thanksgiving week just got TOO CRAZY. We kind of had a meal plan, but it didn’t always work out. What that means is that I think we took 20 trips to the store in one week. I’m hoping we can avoid that this week… saturday taco salad This is a signature dish from one of my aunt’s. Her version uses ground beef, Doritos, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, onions, and Catalina dressing. Our allergy-friendly version subs Xochitl tortilla chips for the Doritos and Organicville French dressing for the Catalina. I’m working on adding an ollergy recipe for our allergy-friendly version.