symptoms of an allergic reaction

I thought it might be helpful for you if I shared how our family handles checking on ingredients and cross-contamination risk. To be honest, I’ve been hesitant to write about this for fear of being judged. We do use some items that have a shared facility warning. We also know that the warning isn’t a requirement. Labeling laws in the United States are a post (correction, giant rant) for a different day. I don’t email about every single product Ollie eats. We have discussed this with Ollie’s doctor and have a plan that works for our family. That’s all I urge you to do. With

Toddler staring out the window during a baked milk food challenge

I received a lot of really positive feedback on my post about our baked egg food challenge. Today I’m sharing about our second experience, a baked milk food challenge. The build-up was exactly like baked egg. We were sent a muffin recipe to prepare ahead of the appointment. There were for sure even more nerves going into this appointment having already experienced anaphylaxis with baked egg. We arrived in the CAT-CR first thing in the morning. For this food challenge, we were in a curtained off area instead of our own room. It kept us closer to the nurses’ station given how the last challenge

Kid at table making his dinner

Going off from last week’s post on talking to your toddler about food allergies, I decided to do a food allergy interview with your toddler post this week. The term food allergy interview should be used lightly. As I’ve said, I don’t want Ollie’s life to be all allergies, all the time. This interview was no different. Even in the middle where we focused more on allergies, I worked in things like cooking and favorite treats. We rounded out the food allergy interview with a set of non-allergy questions. I’ve seen child interviews on social media a lot but have never done one with Ollie.

Ollie gives a thumbs up to food allergy conversations

Food allergies are overwhelming. Talking to your toddler about their food allergies is even more overwhelming. When having food allergy conversations with your child, keep in mind the goal is to pave the way for the future. All safety and responsibility still lie with you. At this age, you’re simply introducing the idea of food allergies to your child and trying to help them understand the basics. For us, food allergies have always been a fact of Ollie’s life. He’s never known a time without them. the terminology We approach everything with “safe” and “not safe.” Find the words that work for your family. I’ve

mom and toddler offering samples during one of their food allergy awareness events

This was my first year actively involved in Food Allergy Awareness Week. Last year, I shared posts on my personal Facebook page but did not partake in any food allergy awareness events. It was an eye-opening, heartwarming, and slightly exhausting week. My brain is already going on how to make next year even better! rollercoaster rides Much like a food allergy parent experiences highs and lows handling day-to-day life with allergies, I found planning for the week and the actual food allergy awareness events a bit of a rollercoaster ride as well. I am a perfectionist. I tend to dream big, perhaps bigger than my